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We always knew we were different from any other creative team
When we got the idea to open GoFable we already knew that we have completely different approach rather than existing content marketing agencies on the U.S. market. There are so many of them and everyone claims they're "different" from one another. But we want to claim it in a really different way.

We took it seriously when we started developing our agency and made a really huge market research which included hidden phone calls with 50+ different agencies across the country. We wished to understand the market deeper, fears of our potential clients and see what others are offering to businesses.

We're thrilled to share it with you. No BS anymore and only facts.
Quality vs. Quantity
We're a small business too, just like you. We all came from huge companies and startups and most of the time we worked in-house only. We know about growth pains, scalability and other fancy stuff and following it strictly.

Our goal is helping your business growing and be successful, not pumping the money from it. That's why we're executing just a small amount of projects at the same time.

Of course, we plan to grow big and strong, but before that we want to make sure that it won't affect our clients in a negative way.
We focus only on stuff that we're experts in
Since the beginning of our work we agreed with each other that we will only provide the limited amount of services.

When we did our deep market research we realized that only few of agencies are focusing on one thing. The majority of those are doing anything else that could help them to pump more money from their clients' pockets. They're experts in branding, SEO, events, web design and even UX. This list is literally infinite.

Our approach is helping us to create the best quality content for our clients and even higher than the Empire State.
Strategy, strategy & strategy
As you know, we're not stamping content and our work is very exclusive and unique. But it's only possible with good working strategy which includes:

0. Deep research;
1. Communication strategy;
2. Content strategy;
3. Visual strategy;
4. Tone of voice;

This comes with years of a corporate experience in content marketing that we have. Other guys don't have it.
Only high quality work. No stock pics or boring tone of voice
We're serious about what we're doing and our approach is based on making a high quality content that our clients will be able to reuse. And come on, this is our portfolio also.

We completely hate telling clients' stories using boring tone of voice (come on it's all about social media) and showing them cheaply made illustrations or even worse - photos from stocks. If there is a 10th circle of hell - it's supposed to be made for those "content creators".

What are we doing instead? Developing your brand's unique tone of voice, creating unique illustrations with catching scenarios, making user friendly and fun infographics.
We care about our team members. A lot.
Did you know that people from average content agencies are underpaid and overworking every single day of their existence in these companies? Yes, that's true.

The majority of these businesses are chasing extra profits and as we said earlier pumping the money without thinking about their clients.

But not only clients are struggling in the end. Let's think about managers, copywriters, illustrators and designers. Their happiness affect directly the results of work you're getting.

We're serious about that and we think about people first, not the profits.

Distributing let us hiring the best talents
Having 5 offices in different cities with 400 people working in an agency on-site is not fancy anymore. Seriously. It's literally the same as buying overpriced food from Whole Foods having a bad credit score.

Come on. It's an era of fast communication and so many people work remotely. Especially it applies to creative guys as us. We saw agencies with high prices and low quality of work having several offices. Remember that you're paying for that.

We live in an era of Asana, Slack and other stuff that allows us to work and communicate much more efficiently rather than sitting in offices.
Huge in-house experience
Yep, we all have a huge in-house experience and it helps us to understand fears and needs of our clients. We all were there.

We're not stamping the content for you like other agencies do. We're going deep into your business, your products and think.

What do we do? We're developing the strategy linked to your business and marketing goals, we work closely with your team members and make sure we're on the same page.

We're not just making content. We're building a team of experts in your area.
Even though we're cool, making the best and highest quality content, we still keep our prices as low as we can.

Having a distributed team and cutting the costs of unnecessary expenses (e.g. sales people, offices, etc.) helps is to make the services we're providing to be affordable for most of the businesses.

During our research we realized that our services are 40% cheaper comparing to our fellow competitors. And again, the quality is still the highest.
It's time to change the way
of communication with your customers
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