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Your product is important.
So is your technical brand.
Create your technical brand by producing high quality technical content to help develop a professional community around your company... with us.
TechBranding WWWWWH?
Many tech startups are missing this. TechBranding experts exclusively target the positioning company from a technical side rather than from marketing.
What problems does it solve?
Building a company's technology brand helps solve many business problems that you probably never even thought about.
That's true. The marketing BS doesn't sell as good as technical facts. You're not acquiring new clients because you have a "revolutionary AI tech", but something backed by facts.
Your technology and company will be interesting to potential candidates. Remember that you're not just interviewing a developer... they are interviewing you as well. Your tech reputation will help your company pass this due diligence.
Your reputation matters in the tech community just like anywhere else. The professional community will treat your company seriously, which will result in multifaceted benefits.
You won't need to worry that your engineers will quit your company to work for a cooler one. They'll benefit from engaging with the Tech Brand building process.
What are you missing?
Just a short overview of what you're missing
Long-hanging offers
Highly experienced professionals won't accept your offer quickly. There are cooler companies out there to pick from, and you might not be in the top 3.
In 6 months
Long Sales Cycle
Trying to sell to tech execs? Marketing BS doesn't work on them. They need to know facts and see that you know how to do what you do. It's just their nature.
Unmotivated engineers
Your developers are just coding stuff and don't care about anything else. At some point they will be tired of this routine and start looking for more interesting gigs.
Non-technical reputation
Yep. You only have marketing BS around and it doesn't look very impressive, especially if you have a deep tech product.
Talents finally want you
Your offers will be accepted much faster because potential candidates will be your fans and will want to work with you because you're cool.
More fast-closing deals
The decision makers can do their due diligence to make sure that you're legit and you'll spend less time and effort explaining how everything works.
Engaged & motivated engineers
You won't need to be worried that your developers will quit and go to a cooler company. They will be growing with you.
No more marketing muck
You already have a lot of tech related content supporting many different facets of your business: recruiting and HR, marketing and PR, etc.
How it works
Innovating tech is a science, and so is building a technical brand. There's a strict planning and strategizing process behind branding and we help you handle it and scale it.
That's true. The marketing-bullshit doesn't sell that good as technical does. You're acquiring new clients not because you "have a revolutional AI tech", but something really specific
At this stage, we conduct a deep briefing to learn about your company, products and technology. We also draft a strategy and editorial guidelines, as well as set up a team for you.
We'll learn more about your developers and team by interviewing them and making sure our general strategy includes their needs and wants.
We begin planning, creating, drafting, and finalizing content. The whole process is handled by us.
We start distributing approved content for you.
Build a strong dev community
It's not all about producing highly technical content, it's about creating an external community of highly-skilled professionals around your company that will be supportive and advocate for you.
Let's talk!
Schedule a call at your convenience in our calendar
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