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Our consulting services is the third whale of our business and it helps our clients coordinate and create a vision: from what to post and share with your followers to how, when, and which way to feature it.

We can also perform an independent audit for you or train and educate your team.

Let's imagine that you made a tragic business mistake and hired an incompetent content marketing vendor instead of using GoFable.

We're ready to help you with that and nail all the stuff that this vendor is telling to you by performing independent audit of their work.

Also, we'll briefly explain you how to do it in a right way. Just contact us.

Independent audit

Let's say that you already have content managers or even an entire team (we actually recommend you choose us, tbh), and you want to make them work better and become more creative...like us for example.

We're up for that and can train them on how to prepare content the right way and then let them swim solo. Just contact us for your custom course.

Or, to make it easier for everyone, sign up for one of our plans. ;)

Educate your team

Don't know how to communicate with your clients in social media?

Do they simply ignore you?

We know how to do it right. Just contact us and we'll create a tone of voice guideline and strategy just for you.

Tone of voice development

Visuals, such as illustrations and artwork, are an important part of your day-to-day operations and many functions depend on them, for real.

We can develop dynamite guidelines for your illustrations, materials, posts and other works.

It'll help you decrease the amount of time you typically waste on reinventing the wheel and will improve your overall content and workflows.

Visual guidelines development

Creating a community is one of the most difficult things to do. It's very complex work that consists of developing fascinating content, communicating with your users, engaging them and building their trust in your company.

Contact us to have us create a strategy for you, build a community management team and activate your audience.

Community building and management strategy
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