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Earn 10% from your referrals' orders

Just refer some friends from your network by spreading the word about how awesome GoFable is.
We'll reward you with cold, hard cash.

How it works
Before you start inviting friends, please, sign up to our referral program using this form
Step 1
Introduce GoFable
Introduce GoFable to your friends and share some nice things about what we're doing. Get them interested.
Once your friend contacts us — we'll handle everything from there and work with him as a client.
As soon as your friend successfully becomes our client, we'll contact you about receiving your bonus!
Step 2
We handle everything
Step 3
Get ca$h
Frequently Asked Questions

Here we've tried to cover everything. If you have any additional questions, please, contact us via online chat located in the right bottom corner.

How can I invite friends to this referral program?
Simply share info about GoFable with your friends. Don't forget to ask them to mention that they were referred by you during our initial call, so they will get 20% off from their first order! :)
How do I get my reward?
As soon as your friend successfully becomes our client, we'll contact you about receiving your bonus!

We'll issue all the tax forms for you automatically, you'll be able to provide all the essential information securely via our partner's interface. We deeply care about your privacy so we won't keep your SSN and any other confidential stuff. That's it. Easy-peezy.
How many friends I can refer and do you have any limits?
We don't have a limit on the number of clients you can invite. You can invite an unlimited number of referrals and get rewarded for every referral that works with us.

But remember that you'll be getting rewarded only for the first 12 months from the first order your referral makes. That means that if your referral makes an order on January 1st 2019, then the last day when you'll get a reward will be January 1st 2020. For this whole year - you'll be getting 10% from all orders your referral makes.
How do you track my referrals? What if the person signs up and he/she won't be counted?
For the current version of the referral program we track everything manually and make sure that every single participant of the program will get a referral reward.

In the next month, we'll launch an advanced referral program tracking platform, where you'll be able to see updates in real-time and track their status as well as have a unique referral link assigned to you.
Are there any other rules?
Spam is a no-no
No one likes being spammed, let's face it. Any kind of spam, bulk distribution of invitations, mass distribution to strangers, or similar methods of promotion are prohibited.

Only new GoFable clients are eligible
If you're inviting a company that previously worked with us or they're already a client- they won't be counted. Please be aware that new GoFable clients must work with us for 3 months minimum. In any event, you and your friend will receive the bonus from the referral program. Please read more about it here.

You must be real and at least 18 years old
We're a legitimate company so we have to comply with regulations. No shady stuff here! For that, we'll have to verify your age and to see if you're actually a real company by using a special platform. This is also used to weed out spam and illegitimate/fictional companies. By using this platform, you'll also be able to get your bonuses.

There's also some more rules and exclusions in this referral program and you can learn more about them here. By participating in this referral program, you agree with these terms.
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