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The on-boarding process
It's an essential step for GoFable and all clients under any subscription plan.

This is where we nail it and share more about the importance of this valuable process and the benefits that you as a client get.
What's the onboarding process and why do we have it?

It includes a briefing process that consists of 40+ different questions and deep market research of your company, your products, and your company's industry.

Once that is done with, the next step is creating the FABLE strategy that is right for you. This also includes creating tone of voice, establishing visual guidelines, and implementing our distribution and community management strategies. For this entire process, it takes us an entire month for each client.

Why does it take a month?

Even if we wanted to, it's impossible to collapse 4 weeks of research, development and testing into just a few business days (believe us, we tried).

The on-boarding process is an essential part of our clients' successful journey into content marketing.
It's an investment. A serious one.

Nothing is infinite: friendship, love, the Infinity Stones or the hairy lasagna you left in the fridge for a month. So is our partnership. We'll do our best to build the best systematic LTR you've ever had, but even we understand that it might not be a forever-love-thing.

With the whole on-boarding process we want to make sure that even if we ever break up, you'll be able to keep and re-use all the high quality stuff we made - so at least you'll still have some pretty good content by the fabled day we may disband.

The whole on-boarding process thing is not about us having fun as we work for your hard-earned $... it's about making a great investment for years ahead.
Here's what you get after the on-boarding process besides saving more than $6,000
The FABLE communication strategy
30 pages of your content vision and communication stuff, revised monthly as long as you work with us. The coolest thing ever.
$5,000 value
Visual guidelines
20 customized pages of content design rules developed by highly-skilled designers and illustrators led by your personal art-director.
$4,000 value
Tone of voice guidelines
This will help keep you on the same page as your customers: starting with your landing pages and blog posts and finishing up with your help-portal articles.
And more
Bigger plans such as Shark and Unicorn include content distribution and community management strategies which will help you acquire even more users.
$2,300 value
$7,000 value
Briefing and setting up your team
On-boarding process: 4 weeks of research
When the strategies and guidelines are fully developed, we'll send you a draft of our proposal for your approval. Once we've received your comments and feedback, we'll refine your unique plan even further.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Creating strategy and guidelines
Finalizing and approving materials
The start of content creation
During the last week of on-boarding, we'll prepare your initial content. We'll have your fresh content ready to start posting by the first day of your first content production month.

When we have a completed brief in our hands, we'll thoroughly research your company, products, and industry. While that's going on, we will also develop unique guidelines and strategies, going through possible consequences and choosing the best solution that will help your company.
We'll send over the brief and while you're completing it, we'll start assembling your project team.
Most of our competitors would wing it and learn about you on the fly. We run a month-long process of thoughtful preparation instead of experimenting and making mistakes which would risk your money.
On-boarding process visual timeline
On-boarding is a difficult with many detailed steps. A week-to-week visual breakdown of the process is seen below.
What's after the on-boarding month?

We will be producing unique high-quality content for you and scale it up or down at any time. As our partnership progresses, we'll be revisiting your strategy and guidelines on a monthly basis.

This way, your company will continue to grow to the next level.

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