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What is FABLE?

FABLE is a unique content marketing methodology that we developed through years of hard work. It includes a complex knowledge base supported by real life experience, which allows us to create the best content for businesses.

What does FABLE represent?
Likes and shares are not the KPI of GoFable. We understand that you're supporting your business with your hard earned money... not with likes and shares.

That's why we never forget about the essential metrics of your business.
The FABLE framework is flexible so you can scale your production up or down as your business needs. The best part?

No hassle or obstacles to deal with! We are the leading firm when it comes to delivering quality and value to our clients.
Every piece of content that we produce will stand the test of time in different mediums: newsletters, websites, social media posts. Your content should be your strategic investment, not your money pit.
The content that GoFable creates falls in line with the global strategy we're creating for you.

With our proven framework and step by step process, everything about your fairytale of a business will come to life.
We analyze metrics and make our decisions based on our findings. These metrics and analytics play a pivotal part in developing strategies and guidelines for our clients.
We put a lot of care and effort into the content we're creating because that's what makes sense.

Our signature framework is no exception. Each letter in FABLE represents the values that we stand for.
What does it include?

Our complex work methodology consists of our trademark nerdy on-boarding process plus constant improvement.

It's an equation for success but that's not all.

Strict creative process
We're all about creativity and accountability. We observe a strict production process with established rules and guidelines.

We do the hard work so you can worry less and enjoy the results.
Clear separation of roles
When you work with GoFable, you have at least a 7 member team working on your content - not just one or two people. This helps us to avoid troubles like subjective thinking and overloading.

The team or highly-skilled professionals work together to make sure we're delivering the best results.
Strategy and guidelines
Every subscription client goes through our on-boarding process where we establish your custom FABLE strategy and guidelines: visual, editorial, community management, and content distribution.

This helps us to scale your production at any time and avoid unexpected issues related to the production process such as editorial errors.
The team working on your project

An average FABLE team includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Art Director
  3. Chief Editor
  4. SEO Specialist
  5. Copywriter
  6. Illustrator
  7. Content Strategist
  8. Independent industry expert

If you require more content production, we can scale the team and assign more professional specialists, problem-free, the same day.

Every client needs a team that works with their project under a developed strategy, vision, and knowledge of the customer's specifics such as guidelines, business needs and goals.
Our workflow

The FABLE methodology incorporates a very strict workflow and constant improvements which must be followed by both our team members and clients.

Despite this, we keep our creativity fresh and constantly think outside the box

It's just the tip of the FABLE iceberg though
Because more aspects go into our process

Briefing and Research
We always go through an on-boarding with our clients in the first month, making sure that everything's covered and ensuring high-quality content production will start immediately. Compared to our competitors, we prefer to create an environment which benefits both parties. Read more about it here.
Strategy, guidelines and planning
We make sure that every single client, under subscription, has their own guidelines and strategy that will benefit them in the long term.
Execution, production and distribution
After our preparation is finished, we start making magic happen. We move in and execute by creating content for you, following your unique guidelines and helping you with distribution. This way, you have some peace of mind and be focused on more important matters for your company
Instant re-evaluation and revision
Nothing is constant and content is no exception. Back in the day, it was television, newspapers, and radio so we are aware that the needs of content users are always changing. Our team re-evaluates and improve our guidelines, future content and miscellaneous stuff on a monthly basis, making sure that everything is up to date.
How everyone benefits

Everyone benefits from using FABLE. Emotionally and financially. We're not kidding. This is a win-win!

You as a client
  • High quality content at an affordable price
  • No more headaches dealing with sketchy, low quality agencies
  • We create content that you'll be able to reuse for years to come
  • You'll become more visible than your competitors
  • Minimal effort on your part, so you'll be able to dedicate more time to your business
  • Leave the production to us
  • Forget about hiring employees and overspending your company's budge
Your project team
  • Clean and transparent workflow with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Reasonably steady workload schedule
  • Engaging your project on a consistent basis
  • No need to depend on different agencies for singular tasks
GoFable as a company
  • We build strategic and beneficial partnerships
  • Maintain relationships with our satisfied customers
  • Happy employees
  • Sustainable business model
The book

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Next year, we'll launch our book, #fable2020 because we're driven and willing to share our experience and educate the world about creating amazing content.

Our book will uncover some cool tips and secrets, go over a few case studies, and many more valuable tidbits. Yes, this includes our trademark comic strips and silly jokes.
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