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Bulk content production plans

Each plan is carefully designed to cover your business needs and helps you to save thousands on content production each year. Check out the available plans below and contact us to discuss more.

Honey Badger
Great help for actively growing teams
Perfect for early stage companies
Best for teams producing tons of content
Words for copywriting services
Words for copywriting services

Words for copywriting services
$7,000 per month
$10,000 per month
$12,000 per month
Got some questions? We've covered it.

If you have any other questions just contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner

What are the benefits of these plans?
When you work with us there are two ways:

  1. On-demand content production where you come to us with an exact need, feel the fried and then we handle everything on our side;
  2. Subscribing for our bulk plans in case if you know your needs for the next months and have this planned.

The first approach gives a lot of flexibility, when at the same time the second one helps to save a significant amount of money and have your content production running regularly. It's up to you which one to choose.
How it works?
1. Contact our sales team and discuss your needs. Sign the contract and pay
2. In the beginning of each month, discuss your production needs with your personal project manager for this exact month;
3. In the background we'll be creating content for you and you won't need to be worried about. Everything is handled by us.

Remember: you can utilize these units in any way you want. Illustrations can be used for white papers, blog posts, social media posts. And words for your support, landing page copy, blogging and other materials.
Do you have any commitment requirements?
We don't require any kind of commitment with our bulk plans for month-to-month basis.
What about payments? Do I pay after you finish the work?
No, we require 100% of the monthly fee paid upfront. That's how any subscription based business works.
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