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Free independent content audit. On us.
Save $2,000 and get valuable feedback from industry professionals.

Bonus gift: 30% off the first year of any GoFable subscription plan.
The audit process overview
And here we go! Once your audit is ready and prepared, you'll receive a custom presentation. This presentation will contain a special offer for 30% off any plan for the first year you work with us.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
This is an essential step for both of us as it will enable us to conduct better research and analysis. After you fill the brief, we'll start running the audit process which lasts about 10 business days.
Send us basic information using the form provided below. After you apply, your personal manager will get in touch with you about the next steps.
It's simple. Like an easy button with a clapper.
Complete the first step now!
Fill in the short application form and we'll go from there
Company name
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Got some questions? We've covered it.
You ask - we answer. But if we didn't cover something, feel free to reach out to info@gofable.com and your personal manager will be happy to assist you.
What's GoFable in a nutshell?
GoFable is a content marketing startup that helps other tech companies succeed in their content marketing by producing the highest quality content at a low cost. Read more about us here.
Is this audit really free?
Yes, completely. We're on a mission to help other companies succeed in their content marketing efforts and to improve the industry itself. It's free and has no strings attached.
Why do I need to fill the brief?
That's a really important step. Essential, actually. We can't start analyzing your company and, of course, giving you fully-informed suggestions without knowing more about your business, industry, competitors, current content creation workflows, your goals and many other different aspects. If the applicant refuses to provide any required information in the brief, we reserve the right to decline the application.
How long will it take?
10 business days from the moment we get the finalized brief from you. This is a long and serious process so we dedicate plenty of time to your company ensuring we reviewed and covered everything.
    What about the 30% discount?
    Once we complete the audit process and send you the overview, you'll receive a unique promo-code for 30% off any plan or single service during the first year. Please note, that the Ramen Profitable plan is excluded from this offer. For subscription plans, a minimum of 3 months commitment is required.
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