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Guarantees and Expected Results Disclaimer
Most professional marketers and marketing agencies do not guarantee results. It's a normal practice in the industry. At the same time we, MGCBTTN LLC., do our best to provide the highest quality content and related services on time.

We, MGCBTTN LLC. which operates GoFable.com, absolutely do not guarantee results in any way. Actions and results which are not guaranteed may include, but are not limited to:

1. Any direct sales, user signups, completing actions such as submitting users' information, or any other business goals through content and activities made and performed by us.
2. Amount of organic traffic coming from shared posts, search engines, forums, newsletters, etc.
3. Amount of likes, shares, reposts, comments, etc.
4. The amount of reached and engaged audience members.
5. Any other KPIs which can be established inside your company.

We highly encourage our B2B clients not to build any business relationships with other marketing and advertising agencies that promise to reach fixed KPIs such as likes, shares, clicks, leads, collected emails, mobile/desktop app installations, signups, fixed amount of referral invitations, etc.

Any business that promises fixed minimum results can't reach them organically and in most cases, based on our long experience working with agencies, resort to engaging robotized solutions or creating fake accounts. Here are some popular mechanics for reaching KPIs:

1. Creating fake users/referrals to show growth using temporary phone numbers or email domains.
2. Generating clicks on your social media campaigns using their own groups/public pages or using click farms.
3. Installing mobile apps using click farms that generate fake traffic (read more about click farms).
4. Creating fake reviews to boost your mobile app in the marketplace. This kind of activity can be harmful to your project, because your application can be banned indefinitely.
5. Creating fake comments and stories on Facebook, Yelp, Google Maps and other recommendation services. It can sometimes be difficult to determine if a user is real or not, but if moderators from its services notice that kind of activity - your product's and company's page can be deleted and banned forever.
6. Creating fake queries or requests to your business. At first glance, it can seem exciting and you won't notice anything except positive activity. But the reality is tough: your company is paying for "leads" to the agency and also spending your product support team's resources answering fake queries. This never leads to customers.
7. Number of likes, shares, and comments in your posts can be shown easily by using the same click farms mentioned above.
8. Using shady SEO/ASO tactics that can only harm your website/application in the long term.

Some common reasons that content marketing activities will not permit your business to grow and reach your sales goals are listed below. Reasons may include, but are not limited to:

1. Having higher prices for the same quality and/or size of product/service.
2. Having poor support, quality assurance and customer relationship system.
3. Having "bugs" on your web-site/app that interrupts user engagement flow.
4. Any other reasons that can cause your customer to change his/her mind about using your company's products/services.

As far as companies with no social media pages, web sites, search engines, or other business solutions are concerned, we can't guarantee that things will work as expected in our client's mind. Making guarantees and promises about something that your vendor can not control (such as the app being featured in a marketplace, listed in the first position on Google, an ad being approved by Facebook, a Medium article being featured in its category, etc.) carries serious ethical problems and can hurt both sides in the future because of one or more of the reasons mentioned earlier.

All products and services ordered through GoFable.com should be considered as a high-risk business investment. Any kind of business must not guarantee high ranking or listing results, number of clicks, likes, shares, app installations, newsletter inbox rate, signups, verifications, etc.

We, MGCBTTN LLC., work in this industry to improve our clients' customer engagement, revenue and profitability, but the third party platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Google, Youtube, etc.), solutions, corporations, federal and state laws, potential customers and users are completely beyond our control. Examples include, but are not limited to:

1. We can't force or influence Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine to feature your article in any particular position, rank, or order.
2. We can't force people to see/view, notice, click, like, share, or comment on your materials.
3. We can't make people like your material, ad, or website - even if they see it and engage with it.
4. We can't make people publish only positive feedback about your company and its products or make them write exactly what you, as a client, want them to write.
5. We can't make users click on your ad, article, or web-site if they see it.
6. We can't prevent people from leaving your web-site or unsubscribing from/unfollowing your company page.
7. We can't make clients or users accept your offer, use your product/service, or attend your event in any way.
8. We can't make your customer call, email, or contact a company in any way to ask questions.
9. Even if your potential customer likes your product/service, we can't make them pay for it in any way.

We want to remind you again that content marketing, advertising and business in general, are high risk activities.

We strongly encourage you NOT to place orders, pay for services, activities, and special projects, or sign a commitment if you/your company CAN NOT afford them. If you/your company can not tolerate the loss of your budgets or the failure of your expected results or return on investments, then do not take the risk.

While we accept credit card payments for our clients' convenience, we strongly discourage anyone from going into debt (including but not limited to credit card debt) in the hopes that content marketing will start generating more revenue, paying customers, signups, etc.

Your results may vary depending upon many factors that you, and/or your vendor can not influence or foresee. Any kind of business activity entails risk as well as huge and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not contract with us for marketing, graphic design, copywriting, or consultation services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the chat in the bottom right corner, or email us at info@gofable.com.
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