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Cancellation Policy
Last revised: April 5th, 2019

Cancellation Policy for month-to-month contracts

This cancellation policy covers only subscription plans offered by MGCBTTN, LLC that include, but are not limited to the following plans:

1. Honey Badger
2. Shark
3. Unicorn
4. Personal and Personal+ plans
5. Any Custom plans

To cancel any of the plans listed above, you must give us a 30 calendar day notice, submitted via email to refund@gofable.com.

Any services scheduled to be completed in the next billing period after you request a cancellation will be prorated and rounded. There are several different scenarios for cancellation and proration of plans.

Scenario A:

1. You're working with us on the Shark plan for 7 weeks (1 month and 3 weeks)
2. You request cancellation on May 18th
3. In that case your last day of working with us will be on June, 18th
4. We divide the essential monthly services by 4 and multiply by 3

Let's see an example:
Original monthly plan includes these services:

— 10 blog posts
— 15 social media posts
— 35 masterpiece level illustrations
— 2 infographics
— 20 iterations included in plan
— 4 weekly reports

The prorated plan after cancellation request for the remaining 18 days (3 weeks rounded) will include:

— 7 blog posts
— 12 social media posts
— 26 masterpiece level illustrations
— 1 infographic
— 15 iterations included in plan
— 3 weekly reports

Scenario B:

1. You're working with us on the Shark plan for 4 weeks (1 month)
2. You request cancellation some time between April 27th to May 3rd
3. In this case, you're eligible to work with us for the whole month of May and your contract will come to an end on May 31st

Scenario C:

1. You signed a month-to-month contract for any plan and paid for our services,
2. In the next 6 days, you changed your mind, found another vendor for your content marketing needs and decided to cancel the contract. In this case, you're not eligible for a full refund in the first 24 hours. Please visit our Refund Policy page to learn more.
3. We'll continue working with your company for the first month, create a full-scale strategy and the highest quality content. Your decision won't affect the quality of work in any way.

Please notice that this case works only if you decided to cancel your subscription within the first 6 calendar days after payment was received.

Cancellation Policy for commitment based contracts and participants of Ramen Profitable Program

No cancellations can be made, nor can refunds be issued to clients for any reason if they sign up for a commitment contract or participate in the Ramen Profitable Program.

This policy is in place not because we give you a generous discount, but also because we as a business create, educate and train a constant content marketing team for your project. The team understands specifics of your industry, your company and is engaged on a full-time basis to make your business better every day. This policy helps us to cover our financial risks and plan the current and future workload of our employees.
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