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Forget about growth
Stop thinking about it and focus on product and business development.

We'll handle all the growth, sales and marketing-related stuff for you.
GoFable Labs is a venture growth studio that helps very early-stage companies to fully outsource their marketing at a fraction of the cost. We start early... when nobody believes in new ideas. We help gain traction quickly and continue to support your growth needs down the road.

Think about us as a townhouse neighbor sharing a wall with you. We'll live through the best and worse moments with you. We can smell your cooking and offer suggestions to spice it up. We're your scalable in-house team who isn't afraid of wild ventures, but who also shares the same goals with you... to build, grow and scale your business.
Our experience includes working with world-known brands, city governments and public companies
Who are we?
Why GoFable Labs?
We're not your average contractor — we're your very own scalable team who handles many of your business growth directions
Scalable &
Cost-efficient & Affordable
Business & Goal-focused
Fast &
Data-driven & Creative
Big or small, we fit just right. We can scale your needs in days and are always available - no need to worry about someone leaving your company.
Since we work on an equity+cash basis, we're extremely cost-efficient and fit into your budget pretty well.
Engagement, clicks, likes and shares are not our KPIs. We set business-related goals directly affecting your company.
We move fast without wasting time on endless email threads and phone conversations. Time is the most precious resource for any startup and we know how to use it.
When we make marketing decisions, we rely on analytics, BI systems and data galore. We maintain a creative edge in order to make your company more visible.
Things we'll cover for you
Here's a quick overview of directions we'll be covering as your in-house team.
Strategy & consultation
Content & communications
Performance marketing
Retention marketing
Infrastructure support
Even more
— Digital strategy
— Marketing research & strategy
— Content & communications strategy
— Community management strategy
— Re-evaluation, auditing & improvement
— Sales infrastructure set-up & support
— ICP development & testing
— Sales material development: case studies, user stories, pitch decks
— Message creation & A/B testing
— Email outreach: strategy, infrastructure, prospecting
— LinkedIn prospecting
— Design support
— Branding, logo design &guidelines
— Landing pages & development
— Illustrations & guidelines
— Marketing materials
— Corporate swag
— Content strategy creation & execution
— Social media, blog posts & article production
— Video production
— Press releases & distribution
— Content distribution
— Comics, infographics & special formats
— Digital campaigns execution: planning, management & analysis
— Optimization strategies
— Targeted ads: FB, IG, LI, myTarget, etc.
— Influencer marketing
— Trigger strategies
— Email marketing: strategy, design & copy
— Push notification scenarios: mobile & desktop
— Sales & marketing apps infrastructure set-up & support
— Management & improvement
— Digital analytics
— User analytics
— A/B testing
— Multi-channel analytics set-up & management
— BI systems integration & set-up
— Copywriting and corporate materials design;
— Community management
— Talent acquisition campaigns
— A network of over 500 reliable contractors: engineers, UX designers, accountants, etc.
The journey
Series A
Showing early growth
Boosting your growth
Supporting afterwards
When nobody really believes in you... except some of your friends and family... we're here. We're your friend.

At this stage, we run research, start crafting a marketing strategy and begin to prepare everything you'll need so you can start acquiring your first clients.
We start early and support you right from the idea stage. You can even join us in the middle of your journey, such as during the Seed stage. No sweat.
We're your growth hacker. When you've raised your first serious round, we keep growing your company. We'll work with you to raise the Seed round and meet traction requirements 20% earlier.

Give us the slack so you can focus on building and improving your MVP.
Seed stage startups usually spend about 20 months to raise the next venture rounds. How about lowering it to 14 months and save half a year of burn?

During this stage, we install a MarTeam which handles critical directions of your business and helps you grow faster - avoiding scaling bumps down the road. Time is money.
We found a product-market fit together. We lived the best and worst moments together. We achieved your series A together.

Afterwards, you can keep our team working and growing your business towards the future, or you can simply utilize our resources as needed.
The work process
Due diligence
Terms and contract
Next steps
Since we participate in your venture and invest our own time and funds into supporting your business processes, we can't take every company on-board.

As in any venture, we'll run a due diligence process and make sure that we're a good fit for each other.
Starting small and growing big and fast
Once we finished the due diligence process, we start negotiating the terms, timing, building a plan and also signing a contract.

This will help us to make sure that we're all on the same page.
At this stage, we start growing your company toward the next funding round.

We'll be working closely with your team, implementing and testing different strategies and watching how your business is growing.
Once you raise the new round and the current round contract is expired, we'll begin negotiating terms while discussing plans for the next round.
Case studies
Sharing our experience in a readable format.
Let's discuss your startup
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