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Bankin' on YouTube

How CoinBundle Conversations increased community engagement
As part of the strategy for CoinBundle, GoFable made a special YouTube series called CoinBundle Conversations. For each episode, custom thumbnails and announcements were created to make each video unique and attractive. Throughout the series, CoinBundle interviewed 10 entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds from different industries. As a result of the client's venture into YouTube, they gathered over 6,700 subscribers to the channel with just a handful of videos under their belt.
When it comes to financial services, you need to know where your money goes and who's receiving it. GoFable helped CoinBundle to be straightforward with their consumers and establish better relationships with their existing community and customers. We saw that YouTube would be the perfect platform to bump CoinBundle to the next level because the channel helped CoinBundle set itself apart from in such a competitive space. The topmost goal of GoFable was to ensure CoinBundle was recognized and trusted as a user-friendly cryptocurrency platform that is easy to use… and it paid off.

GoFable researched how similar companies campaigned on YouTube and found that they have interviewed their clients and customers. However, upon watching these interviews, we wanted to go deeper beyond 'X company helped my company reach the next level' because our idea, in conjunction with CoinBundle, was to create a YouTube series with notable people in US fintech industries. For this video series, CoinBundle wanted to provide value to their viewers because it's important to understand the stories of these established entrepreneurs and learn about new developments in cryptocurrency. Additionally, this series broke down barriers between amateur investors and the realm of digital currency because it's designed to educate those who are looking to break into the cryptocurrency arena. In other words, we wanted to open dialogue between CoinBundle and leaders in the tech industry throughout the nation.

One of the keys to success with YouTube is consistency with uploading videos. Our distribution strategy was rather simple because we had the niche and the subject all figured out, so we decided to upload new videos on a weekly basis. More specifically, we ardently believed in the mantra of 'quality vs. quantity', which was why we produced 10 high-quality interviews.
With just 10 videos, we garnered over 6,700 subscribers for CoinBundle's YouTube channel. For an average video, our run-time per video was about 30 minutes. Out of the 10 uploaded videos, we average around 1,587 views per video. This was thanks in part to our posts on Medium with custom illustrations and a concise synopsis of each video which attracted many audience members to YouTube.
Essential Tips
1. Don't take shortcuts when it comes to quality.
We recommend that you design a custom thumbnail for each YouTube video because it displays creativity, catches the eye and piques interest. Your videos should not contain clickbait titles because it can be construed as disingenuous, taking away from the topic of your actual video. We don't discourage catchy titles, but it would be wise to have the title be pertinent to your topic.

The description of your YouTube video should also be relevant. It's important to have links to your business and any social media platforms related to your business so you can reach a wider audience.

2. YouTube isn't the only way!
This isn't really a tip but more of a disclaimer. There is a misconception that you can instantly make it big on YouTube and that's a dangerous assumption to make - even for businesses and startups. YouTube is all about organically growing your business, which means that the platform is mainly a long term option for those that are willing to invest time and patience into producing their content. It's important to invest your resources into other marketing channels because the more you diversify, the less risk your business will incur.
    CoinBundle's educational tone has allowed new investors to confidently navigate their new assets. Since partnering with GoFable, CoinBundle has been trailblazing throughout their social media platforms and their content has been attracting new users and investors. When CoinBundle dove into YouTube, they opened up a dialogue with established investors and founders in the cryptocurrency space. As a result, YouTube has helped increase CoinBundle's brand exposure and establish itself as a major contender in the market!
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