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Over 1000 Pieces of Content in Just 5 Months

How to scale content production and know your costs
In just 5 months, with the help of GoFable, CoinBundle has really stepped up its game by producing more than 300+ high-quality pieces of content, which includes long-reads, comics, social media posts, viral quizzes, infographics, and product articles. While the number seems daunting to some, it was a task that GoFable decided to take on. CoinBundle was also featured in 4 different categories on Medium in just 2 months... read the case study. CoinBundle wanted to go big or go home. As a result, their drive and passion have led to notable milestones such as a 15x increase in organic traffic and 30,000 platform signups from the Medium community converted into more than 1000 paying users.
CoinBundle had decided to step into content marketing to increase its engagement with users. In addition, they wanted to convert users into signups on their investment platform. Unfortunately, they didn't have the luxury to market themselves because cryptocurrency ads were banned during 2018 on most major social networks and platforms because of reasons such as consumer safety and ethical concerns. Due to the ban, CoinBundle didn't have access to paid marketing channels and had to work through content marketing. When it came to the process of content production, CoinBundle was behind the curve because they didn't have a set structure or the resources to be scalable. In addition, it was also too complicated and difficult to track. This caused the team at CoinBundle work inefficiently.Content marketing was a great solution to acquire more users through social media and that's where GoFable came into the picture. After learning more about the industry and how their company worked compared to others, we determined that CoinBundle had a major structural problem when it came to content production.
For this project, our team consisted of the following members:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Art Director
  3. Chief Editor
  4. SEO Specialist
  5. Copywriter
  6. 2 Illustrators
  7. Content Strategist
If the production were any larger, we would have needed to increase the number of members because we wanted more efficiency and for tasks to be completed in a timely fashion. However, we believed the size of the task was right for our crew and didn't see the need to increase the team given that this was a backup plan. This is GoFable's most valuable asset because production teams like the one above are versatile and scalable.Our team helped CoinBundle formulate a creative strategy for its content production process. In our strategy, we felt that strict visual guidelines were extremely necessary since CoinBundle was new to the world of content marketing. Most of these guidelines were mainly editorial with specific aspects such as formatting and tone of voice. We also decided to accompany any textual content with our custom illustrations with their very own unique aesthetics because it added life to our client's articles and blog posts.
After implementing the creative strategy, CoinBundle has had their blogs featured in four categories on Medium, which you can read about here. Their organic traffic has increased 15x from the Medium community and there have been over 30,000 platform signups thanks to their blog posts. At the time of writing, their most popular blog, "Crypto-investing Available to Everyone" on Medium has 2.3K likes and their blog, "#CryptoFever is on the Rise!" has the most comments. Some of our long reads such as First Days of Cryptocurrencies or Money Supply have sparked intriguing discussions regarding new developments in cryptocurrencies and FinTech.

CoinBundle's FaceBook page has made a strong impression that includes 45K likes and 49K followers. Upon creating new and innovative content, CoinBundle had some prospective investors that trusted the company and wanted to invest due to our strategic ideas and whimsical illustrations. 13% of the materials that were used for CoinBundle appeared on the first page of Google Image Search and lead tens of thousands of organic visitors from search engines. In addition, our own FaceBook page had a wide range of comics that were in some of CoinBundle's most popular and liked blogs on Medium, such as:

With their informative articles and unique eye-catching illustrations, CoinBundle has increased its social media following exponentially. Thanks to GoFable, they have instilled exemplary standards when drafting their blogs and articles. CoinBundle's educative voice has allowed new investors to confidently manage their new assets. Since our partnership began, CoinBundle has been trailblazing throughout their social media platforms and their content has been attracting new users and investors.
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