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The Quintessential Quickie for Quality Community Engagement

How quirky quizzes equipped CoinBundle to accumulate clicks
Since partnering with GoFable, CoinBundle has made two creative quizzes, both of which have gone viral. These quizzes were designed to increase user engagement and to humanize the company, showcasing how light-hearted they can be. CoinBundle wanted to use these quizzes to determine investing patterns and trends amongst various demographics based on age and ethnicity because these patterns and trends were used to answer questions regarding investing behavior and tendencies.

You can check out the quizzes here
Due to the 2018 ban on crypto ads, CoinBundle ran upon a significant advertising hurdle that affected their reach to various social media platforms. As a result of the ban, they also had no way to rapidly grow their user base and had to acquire new users by changing lanes. Finally, when it came to user engagement, CoinBundle had to be proactive because user engagement is important in order to generate buzz and establish a reputation for maintaining a tight-knit community. The key question the team at GoFable had to answer was: "How can we attract more users and be more than just a company... going above and beyond?"
When GoFable partnered with CoinBundle, their main task was to grow the company's user base with a limited budget. One approach was to create a couple of interactive and fun quizzes that humanized the company as a whole. These quizzes pushed people to engage with CoinBundle's content and heavily encouraged them to sign up on their platform. Through their hashtags, such as #CoinBundle, #bndl, and #CryptoFever, a lot of buzz around the platform was created and made these quizzes go viral, converting users into successful signups.
CoinBundle's quizzes, Who is Your Cryptopatronus? and CryptoHero Quiz: What's Your Power? have received over 150 shares and 170 comments. More than 400 users converted to customers via signups over the span of a year. Over the course of a year, 2,000 people participated while 850 active users shared their results. For each quiz, the average completion time was around 3 minutes. By the end of the year, a total of 950 people successfully completed the quiz, which is roughly 47.5%
Essential Tips
1. Interaction is key
According to the content analysis website, BuzzSumo, an impressive 82 percent of users completed quizzes that were on their social news feeds. The average quiz is relatively short and may be completed in just a few minutes, usually has graphics, and offers the consumer new information about their favorite subject: themselves. Whether the quiz is knowledge based or personality based, the element of gamification in quizzes makes them exciting.

2. Promote, Share, and Embed
Once you create your quiz, you'll want to publish and embed it on your website. Quizzes keep visitors on your site for longer amounts of time depending on the length of the quiz. Embedding the quiz in your website or publication also allows you to link directly to it via social media. By doing so, you'll be able to integrate your signup flow, allowing new users to take your quizzes and to acquire email addresses for your newsletters.

3. Show Off Your Personality
When it comes to creating quizzes, it's important to show off your personality because you want your questions to be an opportunity to create a connection with each user. Let users express themselves through answering the questions. The ideal length of a quiz should be around 6 to 12 questions because attention spans are pretty short.
CoinBundle already had the DNA to help users invest in the new and sometimes murky waters of crypto. With some creativity from GoFable, CoinBundle dramatically increased their reach while also humanizing themselves through their creative and fun quizzes, fostering a tight-knit community and engaging with their users. Since partnering with GoFable, CoinBundle has developed a fun and inclusive environment through their quizzes by engaging with their new and established users, converting them into successful signups on their platform.
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