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Rockin' & Rollin' w/ CoinBundle

The making of a Product Hunt rock star
In September of 2018, we launched a special project for CoinBundle on Product Hunt, a great success awarded with the #2 Product of the Day ranking with 1,179 upvotes, 55 reviews and 95 comments. Why is that so impressive?… this happened in just one day! It was also highly rated by influential entrepreneurs. It was a rocky road getting CoinBundle featured on Product Hunt, but we killed it!

Everyone wants to make Product Hunt's Top 3, and you know what? CoinBundle made it... twice!
For tech companies, a launch on Product Hunt is often vital for growth and exposure because it provides opportunities that companies can take advantage of. First off, the most important thing for fresh companies is visibility because it introduces and attracts new paying users to the company. Secondly, visibility allows companies to obtain feedback from Product Hunt's professional community and regular users. This in turn shows the company to be on the up-and-up, further solidifying their reputation and building beneficial partnerships with other projects and even investors.

Every day, many companies go to Product Hunt and strut their stuff… hoping to be ranked in the Top 3 for categories such as Product of the Day or Product of the Week. This is due in part to the fact that there's a daily newsletter published by Product Hunt including the Top 3 Projects and Products from the previous day. As a result, the competition if fierce!

A problem that CoinBundle faced was an essential question that GoFable had to answer:

"How do we make CoinBundle more visible on Product Hunt?"We wanted to implement a plan and marketing strategy which allowed CoinBundle to have that first impression it needed on Product Hunt so that the company could garner the attention of new users and increase their clientele. In addition, we also thought it would be beneficial for CoinBundle to gain some exposure and mentions on social media from established influencers and entrepreneurs in the tech space.
It was essential to stand apart from the competition on Product Hunt and since we often use illustrations and graphics on our advertise our service, we thought it would be a good idea to produce a unique comic strip that integrates the project's team into the plot. The products and services were also integrated into the comics. By doing so, this creative approach allowed CoinBundle to stand out from other launches.

Can the CoinBundle band have a successful PH concert? Check out our comic strip!
After CoinBundle launched during beta and created the comic strip accompanying their campaign, they were ranked #2 on Product of the Day. We have also amassed 1,178 upvotes, 55 reviews, and 84 comments via discussions on PH. Thanks to CoinBundle's successful launch campaign, CoinBundle has been mentioned on Twitter by both Alexis Ohanian and Ryan Hoover. As a result of the mentions, CoinBundle successfully converted 300+ clicks to signups.

To Recap...

Through Product Hunt, CoinBundle has received...

CoinBundle's launch has been revered as one of the most creative launches in the history of Product Hunt.
Essential Tips
Your company doesn't have to be like CoinBundle and imitate their success on Product Hunt, however, we feel that with these tips, it'll get your company on the right track when planning a product launch.

Here are 3 essential tips for your first launch campaign on Product Hunt:

1. Find the best time to launch

There is no best day or time to launch on Product Hunt, but there are factors that you have to keep in mind. The Product Hunt homepage is based on a 24-hour cycle, which means that new products hit the homepage at 12:01 AM PST and are added throughout the day. Product Hunt does not adjust for time zones so we recommend that you confirm you're launching according to PST. We have stated that there is no "magic" time to post, but it's best to post before 9 AM PST because that way, there's enough time in the day for people to discover and discuss your latest creation. If you decide to schedule your post ahead of time, base it on PST.

In our experience, we believe that Sunday is the best day to launch on Product Hunt, since there are less products posting their launches and of course, not many users go to PH on Sunday. There definitely won't be a lot of competition on Sunday, however, if you want to get valuable exposure, we suggest choosing either Tuesday or Wednesday. You'll have to put in a boatload of effort but eventually, it will pay off.

2. Be creative!

Treat your launch like an ad campaign! Meaning to come up with a narrative and stick to it. Ask yourself the following questions before posting your company products:

  • What does our product offer to the audience?
  • Is there a story behind our company? If so, how could the audience relate to it?
  • Are we being authentic? Why are we promoting the company here?

We want to emphasize these three key questions because marketability is based on authenticity. Fake upvotes, mass invitations, bots, and spam are frowned upon because it gives the impression that your company and its products are inauthentic and disingenuous. Not to mention… you'll be met with the ban hammer. It's a big fat no-no.

When posting on Product Hunt, think about the ideology of your company's mission statement, the story of how your company got to where it is today, as well as its current progress. Once you have fully fleshed out that ethos, try to incorporate media such as GIFs or illustrations that shows off who y'all are and what you stand for. Comic strips aren't really required, but in our case, it's the best and funniest way to share a story because your audience will wholeheartedly relate to your story and your company's ethics and values.

3. Engage with the community

This relates back to our discussion about authenticity between you and your customers. Use discussions on Product Hunt to your advantage by answering questions and reading reviews left by community participant. You're encouraged to ask for feedback from the Product Hunt community because you may learn what you did well and what needs to be improved. Be sure to thank everyone too! This way, you're fostering a community where feedback is encouraged.

A really great idea is to conduct an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. We recommend doing something similar on Product Hunt since the community will likely interact. When you're asked a question by a user, don't be afraid to answer honestly. In fact, it's highly recommended that you do so because again, you're encouraging discussion from users and sparking topics of interest within your company's industry.

Feedback and community discussions help solidify your company's authenticity with the audience, investors, and fellow companies - further strengthening your reputation.
CoinBundle was already running a good, clean race to the top of the game. When it came time to deliver on Product Hunt, GoFable stepped in and CoinBundle's launch was a massive triumph. Due to this successful launch, CoinBundle tacked on 300+ platform signups. Their results speak for themselves after establishing a reputation for active engagement with established users.
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