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Small Startup + Medium = Large Achievements

CoinBundle featured in 4 categories on Medium in 2 months
Being featured on Medium is an accomplishment that many startups try to achieve when looking to grow organically, and it's a great platform to do just that… grow. Becoming featured in 4 distinct categories in the short span of 2 months on Medium is fairly difficult. At GoFable, we believe that content marketing should be looked at differently and it's no surprise that CoinBundle contacted us for help resolving troubles with their improving content production and expanding audience reach.
2018 was a difficult year for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry because many companies were struggling to acquire efficient sources of low-cost traffic. At the same time, CoinBundle, a FinTech startup specializing in cryptocurrency investments, wanted to develop an effective approach to community engagement. Ultimately, their biggest goal was to stand out and be recognized in this competitive industry.

We focused on 4 categories and created a strategy of publishing a new post every 4 to 5 days.

GoFable decided that Medium was a perfect platform to help CoinBundle grow because the site can assist with driving in organic traffic. Medium is a consummate combination of organic traffic and reliable social publishing reduces struggles in managing corporate blogs. In other words, everything can be set up and managed by any associate in the company in just minutes.

Since Medium has a vastly broad range of article topics, we wanted to discover a niche where CoinBundle would fit in well. CoinBundle is "The easiest way to build your investment portfolio by buying bundles of cryptocurrencies with just one click." Considering their tagline, the categories were narrowed down to the following: Investing, Finance, Startup, Bitcoin

These categories cover topics that help the audience learn what Coinbundle and the overall crypto market is all about. Consistently posting content related to these categories every 4 to 5 days was established within the strategy in order to maintain contact with the audience and not overwhelm readers with excessive amounts of content.

Impressing professional audience members and experts from the tech arena - a majority of which are financially stable - was important to the goal of the blog campaign because it increased the user base of investors as well as capital. With all things considered, Medium showed significant potential to convert traffic into users and bolster the company's clientele.
CoinBundle's organic traffic increased by 13x and with so much growth, they garnered a professional audience who has left positive feedback on articles and blog posts. Growing community interaction has led to rising participation in discussions about cryptocurrencies and smart investments, setting trends in the land of blockchain and FinTech.
Essential Tips
At this point, you're probably wondering "Gee, that sounds great and all, but where do I start?" and we totally get your concerns. It can be pretty daunting for a new business/startup to take off from the ground and that's understandable! These results didn't just happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort and dedication for our customers - and their customers - to get where they are today.

Start on the right track.

1. Create high quality content… it's more important than quantity
There's an old saying that you've probably heard: Quality over quantity. It's important to put a lot of effort into whatever you're passionate about. In the case of Medium, you have to put effort into your blog articles and other publications. Your content is a representation of who you are and what your company stands for. It's important to thoroughly research your industry and find little niches that you can write about.

2. Educate your audience while still promoting your company's brand
Articles that constantly promote your company as 'great' or 'innovative' can be dull and boring because it turns off your audience and provides little to no value to your potential customers. Don't write stuff that keeps some of your users scratching their heads as they read thinking, "What is Industry blah blah blah?" or "What does that term even mean?"

As one of the many experts in your field, it's important to educate your audience about what the industry is and why are you paving the way in that particular industry. You should also point out any sort of challenges or obstacles that your industry faces today because even as problems have solutions.... solution can have even more potential problems. Keep them informed.

3. Add illustrations and humor for that unique and interesting touch
Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. What makes Medium an awesome platform, is the addition of GIFs and images that make your article stand out. Insert images and graphics that to what you're trying to convey in the article. However, images and GIFs aren't the only way to get engagement from your audience.

Another powerful weapon that in a writer's arsenal is humor. Wisecracks and witty remarks humanize the company for the reader. Don't be afraid to add some humor into your words but remember that a little bit goes a long way… like salt.

4. Use catchy headlines and titles
Similar to an essay, your intro paragraph has to have a 'hook' that'll grab your reader's attention. This tip is no exception to articles and blogs. Headlines should be provocative and interesting and may be the most difficult part to conceive.

5. Be consistent and make your articles user-friendly
One of the biggest rules when it comes to social media is to be consistent. This doesn't mean you have to write articles and publish them every day, but rather have a set schedule on when you're going to publish your articles. That way, you can be on top of things and have some time to refresh yourself when you're thinking of potential topics and subjects for your next article

An article on Medium by Ryan McCready points out that after analyzing 10,000 data points of every single Popular article from January 2016, which was around the same time that the article was published, he found that writing for a 6th-grade level was found to be the most effective by far. An article that could be read by a 6th-grader or below received 20% more recommends, on average. Ryan also defined the ideal threshold for readability as one with 75% or more sentences that are easy to read. He found that an easy to read article leads to 43% more recommends on average.

    With their informative articles and unique eye-catching illustrations, CoinBundle has increased their social media following exponentially. Thanks to GoFable, CB have instilled exemplary standards for drafting their blogs and articles. Their educative voice has assisted new investors to confidently navigate their new lucrative assets. Since partnering with GoFable, CoinBundle has been blazing trails throughout their social media platforms and their content has been attracting new users and investors.
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