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Is There a Cure?

How CoinBundle's special project drove users cuckoo for crypto
CoinBundle acquired more than 100,000 verified users from over 140 countries and attracted more than 1,000 returning investors who were using the platform on a daily basis.
CoinBundle aspired to be the go-to source for non-crypto-savvy investors interested in diversifying their investment portfolios. They tailored their service to the millions of people looking to invest for the first time. GoFable worked with CB to grow their user base through content activities and the results were eye-popping.

This is how we pushed CoinBundle's message to all corners of the globe and helped set them apart from other up-and-comers in the booming crypto FinTech market
CoinBundle faced a significant advertising hurdle due to the 2018 ban on crypto ads which also affected most of the active cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The ban threw a wrench in the gears of social media awareness and notifications, so CoinBundle had to discover new avenues to rapidly grow their user base while also being responsible with their budget. CB felt that their target audience was slammed with an overwhelming number of campaigns - effectively creating an information overload.

Given the competitive atmosphere of the cryptocurrency space, GoFable asked themselves: "What will it take to make CoinBundle stand out from the competition?"
We determined how to grow the CoinBundle user base and acquire paying customers.

The most viable solution was to take advantage of a market segment underutilized by a majority of the competition. So CB was advised to launch a somewhat complex project with a healthy referral reward system which also complimented the platform's beta version. Their double-edged solution would later be named BundleRewards and Beta Platform.

CoinBundle's unique approach empowered users to educate themselves on crypto trading literacy. BundleRewards was integrated into their Beta Platform, which meant those who participated could increase their chances to earn while they learn. This simple strategy ramped their content into viral mode.

#CryptoFever was a fun project launched to reinforce beta testing and also offered further BNDL token rewards as well as tokens from strategic partners: RDC and EVTA. The beta testing was formatted as a game in which participants received and traded virtual currency called Beta$ used to buy, sell and exchange bundles of cryptocurrencies. This gamified approach resonated with younger customers and encouraged the community to trade without the risk of losing real money. Interactions consequently educated people from different countries and financial backgrounds on investing and trading.

Ultimately, users were making smarter, wiser decisions once they started shelling out their own hard-earned dough.

In order to earn more tokens, users were required to sign up for CoinBundle and receive daily tasks via BundleRewards. These assignments consisted of easy social tasks such as following, sharing, and commenting about the platform.

Additionally, the BundleRewards referral program encouraged people to invite their buddies and contacts which resulted in even higher rewards of up to 15,000 BNDL tokens worth about $1,500. The referral process was designed to be hella easy by using a unique link sent via Messenger, email, or a simple share on social media.
#CryptoFever lasted just three months and CoinBundle swelled with more than 100,000 verified users and over 1,000 conversions. These noteworthy milestones were realized through content activities such as blog articles, viral social media posts, quizzes and 24/7 community management and engagement.

The results for CoinBundle didn't stop there! Further benefits included:

  • 4,258 early-bird testing applications for the real investment platform
  • 18,000+ active beta testers
  • 900+ feature requests with 150+ of them being unique
  • 2,000+ daily user sign-up rate with 1,200 to 1,500 verifications (60-75%)
  • 25,000+ new Facebook followers
  • 20,000+ new Twitter followers
  • 13,000+ new Telegram followers
  • 7,000+ new Medium followers
  • 97 highly active community members converted to brand advocates
  • Users from over 140 countries defined future target languages
  • KYC / AML features and platform mechanics proven reliable with beta testing
CoinBundle already had the DNA to help users invest in the new and sometimes murky waters of crypto. With a little help and strategic planning from GoFable, they dramatically increased their share of voice and reach while also educating new investors to confidently navigate the current sea of cryptocurrencies. CoinBundle's KPIs are not only stronger since partnering with GoFable, but they're also quickly setting the stage for thought leadership and investor engagement in cryptocurrency, blockchain and FinTech.

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