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Who are we? Creative, analytical, weird
We worked our entire adult lives in-house in small startups, studios and large-scale companies and corporations. We were doing great works and during our exciting experience with different types of tech projects, we gained a great deal of high quality know-how in content marketing.

Prior to starting up, we have trained and educated dozens of illustrators, copywriters and creative managers, so we are certain that we can provide our business clients with the highest quality content.
Our mission
Of course, we're fancy shmancy and serious enough to have a mission. It's a simple one, tbh. When we were creating our company we set a clear mission for ourselves: To provide startups and tech companies with high quality content that will help them to overreach their business goals.

We plan to change the content marketing industry in the U.S. market by providing the best, high quality experience for our clients and their customers by boosting their content marketing efforts.
The Team
Experienced and passionate about startups
Alex Yakovlev
Co-Founder, CEO
Anastasia Kiseleva
Co-Founder, COO
Gabe Fearing
Partner, Chief Editor
Sophie Bagaeva
Partner, Chief Strategist
Ivan the Sphynx
Emotional Support Animal
150+ talents
High-skilled, reliable, experienced
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